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Welcome to BAH Brazilian Steakhouse!

Enjoy our variety of meat cuts prepared with authentic Southern Brazilian Style using our open fire grill to unleash all meat flavors, this is what we call “Churrasco” (Brazilian barbecue). All of our specialty meats will be brought to you, at your table, by our skilled “Gauchos” (Brazilian Cowboys).

Our Patrons control the service turning our BAH fire symbol to green or red. Green will indicate to our Gauchos that you want to be served. They will bring to your table and serve you sizzling meats with skewers. The Red side means stop meat service until you’re ready again, then resume back turning to the Green side. Repeat as many times you want.

You can now sit back and enjoy the Southern Brazil most popular cuisine and hospitality.

And if you wonder about our brand name, our gauchos would say: Mas Bah Tche!

Bah is the most used expression in South of Brazil where the Brazilian Churrasco was originated. Bah can mean a lot of things and will normally express how you feel about something depending on the inflection used. I hope by the end of your experience today if someone asked you how do you like our restaurant you would say to them: BAH!


The BAH Churrasco Dining Experience!

If this is your first time, we truly recommend you try this option. A full “Churrasco” experience, which includes a variety of meat cuts. Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, and Brazilian Sausage brought to your table by our skilled Gauchos!

It also includes our featured Brazilian side dishes and an exciting Gourmet Salad Bar to accompany your meats throughout your meal.

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churrasco on skewer. Raw vegetables below on table. Fired oven in background.